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Desktop Mini Bucket - Please Throw Here Any Opinions I Didn't Ask For

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Original, handmade pieces. Only 30 items are available!

I turned 30 years old and this is something I made for my birthday. 30 collectible office buckets to throw in the opinions of those who want to bring you down.

If I've learned anything over the years, it's that we need people who support us and want to grow together. For the rest of them, we will always have this small office bucket available. 😀

Αll pieces are handmade with acrylic paint. Designed with an eyedropper technique, the letters have a three-dimensional feel. Each piece is unique. This means there will be slight deviations in size and texture from what is shown here.


Acrylic paint on galvanized steel. Clean softly with wet wipes.


Delivers Only in Greece.

4€ Domestic ELTA service

If you live outside Greece please contact us at for more delivery options.


Height: 10 cm

Outside diameter: 11 cm

Inside diameter: 10 cm